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Blood in Dog Urine – What is Causing it and How Can I Stop It?



Blood in Dog Urine
What is Causing it and How Can I Stop It?

When you first see blood in dog urine it is a scary sight and causes you concern as to what is causing it and what should I do about it. The first sight of blood in dog urine especially if it is your dog, should alert you to take measures to find out what’s wrong.

The first thing to do is to call your vet and take your dog in for an examination. It’s true, that blood in dog urine is in most cases is a sign of a urinary tract infection but can be almost any of a number of problems associated with internal bleeding. If your dog shows any additional symptoms of canine urinary tract problems, you will notice some of these other symptoms that will confirm your suspicion.

If you canine begins deciding on to urinate within the house after he has been residence trained for years, you may mark this down as a symptom. Not only does he urinate inside the house, but he also does it often and in lots of distinct spots. If your dog traces to urinate whether or not inner your private home or out within the yard and shows obvious pain even as doing so, this too may be considered a symptom of dog urinary tract infection.

Sometimes in his attempt to urinate nothing comes out in any respect no matter how hard he tries. He has the urge to urinate and lines himself in attempting but is unsuccessful. Some of the time he attempts to urinate and only some drops come out which causes him to keep tying resulting in many spots of urine throughout.

But, whilst you see blood in dog urine, this symptom needs to really get your interest in that it may be the symptom of many different very severe conditions. Get to the vet and have your canine recognized and treated.

Most vets endorse a path of antibiotic over a time frame usually 7 to 10 days, which fits correctly. Homeopathic vets pick out a herbal manner of remedy that is secure and powerful also. Antibiotics can reason a few serious facet effects, so make certain you recognize the professionals and cons for each style of remedy and their aspect consequences. I had performed first-rate success inside the fitness and durability in her puppies.

Bloody Urine in Dogs and Cats?

Bloody Urine: Causes, Signs, and Testing
While each case is unique, common causes of bloody urine in both dogs and cats encompass:

A urinary tract contamination
Uroliths (stones inside the urinary system- kidney, bladder, urethra) with stones in the bladder being the most, not unusual vicinity
Cystitis (infection of the bladder)
Tumors of the urinary machine
Coagulopathy (clotting hassle)
Clinical symptoms frequently noticed through proprietors further to bloody urine:

Straining to urinate
Frequent urination
Poor urine circulation
Excessive grooming/licking of perineal/penile/vulvar location
Pain in the stomach
Leaking urine
Inappropriate urination and “accidents”
Increased water consumption
Decreased urge for food
Diagnostic testing is used to determine the cause of hematuria. Tests consist of:

A urinalysis
Blood tests- CBC, Chemistry panel, feasible coagulation checks
Urine way of life
Abdominal radiographs (simple x-rays and viable contrast studies)
Abdominal ultrasound
CT scan
Treatment of hematuria targets to pick out and treat the underlying cause. Many of the maximum commonplace reasons for hematuria in dogs and cats can be comfortably identified and handled with both medicinal drugs and/or surgery. Depending on the trigger of your puppy’s bloody urine, veterinarians can also advise one or all of the following:

Medications- antibiotics, pain medicines, anti-inflammatories
Surgery (for stones, a few urinary tumors, anatomical abnormalities)
Change in food plan/switching to a prescription diet

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